A new type of power station

The combined power plant that Parabel GmbH is currently developing in the region of Brandenburg, close to the town of Prignitz, introduces a new type of power station.
This power plant transporting electricity produced out of 100% renewable energy, will entail the same range of functionalities as any other fossil energy power station. Not only it can combine wind, PV and biogas installations together with battery systems in one flexible controllable unit, but can also integrate their green production into the 380kV network. This connection platform was up to now only used to gather large fossil power stations, which would be operated with coal, nuclear energy or gas.
Grafik Verbundkraftwerk

An innovative product of the R&D

Parabel has developed its concept of combined power plant as a contribution to a "Cluster Energietechnik", promoted by the 2 Federal lands Berlin and Brandenburg. The combined power plant (CPP) is therefore part of, and platform for further researches in these 2 lands. Two universities are taking part to this R&D program : the University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economics of Berlin (HTW Berlin), and the Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU Cottbus), which has delivered the preparatory works with its "Separated Grids" pilot project on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and European opportunities of the Brandenburg region.

Milestones of the Energy Transition

The Combined Power Plant is, in this perspective, also an innovative contribution from Berlin and Brandenburg to the extension and to the stability of the electrical grid. It opens doors, which were until now unused, for the injection of renewable energies into the German electrical grid.
Beside its current signification for Brandenburg, it shows, as the congestion of the electrical distribution system, which represents the bottle neck of the Energy Transition, can be moderated. The Combined Power Plant constitutes as such a pilot project and offers concrete perspectives to other regions in Germany.

From individual renewable energy installations to a CO2 neutral
power station

Until now renewable energy was produced in individual installations, which were technically as well as commercially independently operated. In the combined Power Plant such installations will be gathered within a larger substation, bundled and targeted accordingly. Short-terms production peaks will be through the premium quality controlling prevented, the availability of the energy will increase and enable oriented production and requests. The intermittence of solar and wind energy will be mostly resolved. This combined with biogas installations and modern battery systems will enable a new quality to be reached. A power plant, which features will be : flexibility, projectability, stability and profitability.

Specific services to be provided

The Combined Power Plant offers a schedulable, secure and profitable capacity. This is all demonstrated through high full load hours, precision of the production to the minute, and the possibility to have available a base load range as well as an operating reserve. This possibility puts Combined power plants and fossil power plants at a same level. Ths Combined Power Plant also offers the commercial rewards of taking part to the base load as well as the reserve electricity markets. To sum it up, all conditions are now met to enable to the region of Brandenburg to fill its energy policy targets.

An individual marketing strategy

Gemäß den heute noch aktuellen Bestimmungen des Erneuerbaren Energien Gesetzes (EEG) müssen EE-Anlagenbetreiber ihren Strom selbst vermarkten. Das Verbundkraftwerk ist die passende Antwort auf diese gesetzliche Anforderung. Zwar muss jeder EE-Anlagenbetreiber, der sich am Verbundkraftwerk beteiligt, Eingriffe in die Fahrweise seiner Anlage akzeptieren, er erschließt sich dadurch aber Mehrerlöspotenziale durch eine gebündelte Vermarktung der Energie. Das ermöglicht die Marktintegration bzw. optimierte Teilnahme an den Handelsmärkten und damit einen wirtschaftlichen Vorteil gegenüber virtuellen Kraftwerken.

The Combined Power Plant is a project developed and owned by Parabel GmbH.
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Parabel – Endless energy

Founded in 1992, Parabel grew quickly to become a leading photovoltaic projects and heating systems developer for households. It combines until now successfully all aspects of a green attitude and forward-thinking, with the requirements of the business. 40 employees in 2 locations are taking care of 3 fields:

Photovoltaic installations

Here lays our core competence, with more than 250 MW on German and European rooftops and groundmounted projects. This expertise is delievered with the constant concern to ensure the Energy Transition, independently from the Renewable Energy Law. With its standardized construction expertise is Parabel the right partner for public utility companies as well as energy traders.

Net infrastructure

We have completed, only in the last years, about 100 kilometers of HV routes for different PV installation, including the relating substations. This has been completed for stand-alone installations or with partners on further projects, in order to optimize total costs and requirements from the grid. Today Parabel is working hand in hand with TSO's. The innovative solutions offered by Parabel is a solid contribution to the stability of the system and reduce consequently necessary improvement works on the distribution system.

Thermal solar power

In parallel to its development in the field of energy transportation, Parabel is also developing outstanding solutions on the heating market. As partner and distributor of the BOSCH Group, our team in Potsdam concentrates its efforts on the solar modernization of multi-family households, offices and hotels. Parabel offers, with its product "Juri solar heating manager", a patent-protected system with energy savings in the range of 30 %, and for which Parabel has received the German Solar Price in 2002.


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